LGC Frontier English Language For Basic Classes

New frontier English language

The New Frontier English Language textbook for basic classes is systemically designed to meet contemporary needs of pupils at the foundational levels of learning. It provides a robust framework that fills the gaps left uncovered  in existing textbooks for primary schools. This is a new and functional approach that provides solutions to present and future challenges for learners of English language.

The pragmatic approach adopted is designed to assist learners to build competency in all the  aspects of English language. The book is comprehensive and carefully designed in strict compliance with the NERDC curriculum. It covers major aspects such as: Phonics, Comprehension; Grammar; Listening and Speaking; Vocabulary and Creative Writing among others.

The New Frontier English is such a unique teaching and learning material with interactive contents and adequate exercises that makes it learner-centered. Pupils will find it interesting and attractive as it is laced with colourful and children-friendly pictures which will help to retain and sustain the pupils attentions.

Furthermore, the book is content sensitive. The Phonics and Diction section is thoroughly designed to acquaint learners with Phonetic symbols and sounds. Also, Pronunciation Drill and Sentence  Practice are employed to help the pupils pronounce words correctly and to read fluently. (LGC Frontier English Language For Basic Classes)

In addition, the well structured Compositions will enhance the creative ability of young learners. It will also challenge them to develop their writing skills as it is tailored towards steering  their passion for writing.Likewise, the Vocabulary Buildup helps the pupils in acquiring new words and their usages. It also encourages the use of dictionary. Similarly, sound aids in audio formats are provided to ease the teaching and learning processes.

In conclusion, the New Frontier English is written by a group of seasoned teachers with several years of teaching experiences at the foundational levels of education. It was borne out  of their collective passion to set a new paradigm in the teaching of English language. It is in no doubt the long awaited answer to the cry of parents, teachers; learners across the world and everyone who wishes to have the mastery of the subject.

Read, relax and enjoy the New Frontier English!

                                                                   Bamidele Omosebi Alex, Akinulure


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LGC Frontier English Language For Basic Classes


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