10 Reasons To Adopt LGC Books In Your School

10 Reasons To Adopt LGC Books In Your School

A SHORT OVERVIEW: MIGHTY DEMOLEX EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS has her head office located in Ilorin, they are known for the publication of excellent educational books across the nation. They have a supply capacity of over 10,000,000 (ten million) books per term and presently supplies to over 5,000 schools across the nation with branches in virtually all the 36 states in Nigeria. They have over 300 books title to their name.

MDP has an arm that is responsible for the production of excellent educational books for schools called LOVE OF GOD CELEBRITY BOOKS (LGC BOOKS). Below are 10 reasons why you need to adopt LGC books in your school:

  • A systematic arrangement of topics: Every subject In our books has its topics properly arranged in accordance with the NERDC curriculum and the recent NAPPS scheme. this has made our books easy to navigate and use… no more stories of teachers looking for topics that they want to teach their students/pupils in the textbook. LGC BOOKS GOT THEM COVERED!
  • Curriculum detail at a glance: All our books are NERDC compliant, it is also in line with the just-approved NAPPS scheme for schools. most importantly, we have the curriculum written on the first page of our textbooks to guide teachers around our textbooks/workbooks in contrast to the NERDC/ERC curriculum.
  • NERDC/ERC/NAPPS syllabus compliant:: Nigerian educational research and development council(NERDC) and educational resource center (ERC) are known as the recognized curriculums by the ministry of education in Nigeria. However, our books are NERDC/ERC/NAPPS syllabus compliant
  • A simplified approach to every topic: All our books contains topics that are simplified or comprehensive to both the teachers and the pupils/students
  • Child-centered with practical learning activities: Our books are also practical intensive; that is, our books contain exercises that are highly engaging to students/pupils.
  • Integrated workspace: Every topic discussed comes with practice questions to test the students/pupils on what they have learned.
  • Answers to our assessment workbook on our website: Answers to our all subjects assessment workbooks has been added to our company website or you can click on this link to download the assessment workbook answers ASSESSMENT WORKBOOK ANSWERS DOWNLOAD
  • Answers to our verbal and quantitative reasoning on our website: Answers to our verbal and quantitative reasoning are also on or our company’s website. though inactive till next session.
  • Ability to place orders/buy online using our e-commerce website: Electronic Commercial system(E-COMMERCE) is a system of buying items online; fully/partly paid for and delivered to your school or door post. We have implemented two methods of payment in our E-commerce website to help us serve you better: (1) payment upon book delivery to your school and (2) direct payment online and the books will be delivered to your school or door post. To visit our E-commerce website, click on this LINK
  • Very Affordable: Our books still remain the cheapest, across the nation.

LGC books distribution offices across the Nation…. locate the number of any of our sales representatives near you for our book samples or call our Head office customer care line/whatsapp on 07037306179.


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