British curriculum versus African curriculum

British versus African Curriculum

British curriculum versus African curriculum

When my first son was to enter the secondary school I went all out to get the best for him.

It was during my research that I came across secondary schools in Nigeria that use the British curriculum in their teaching.

I was astounded at what I found out about the British curriculum.

I found out that their teaching method was such that the child had the opportunity to play out what he had been taught into real everyday life scenario. For example a mathematical question like this:    1 – 1/4 = ? , might be put to a child in this way:’ Adam cut an apple into 4 parts and gave one part to his friend Bob. How many parts are left.  Give your answer in fraction’.

In this way children don’t really have to cram all they are taught into their heads, but are taught in a way that they can relate the topics into real life situations.

This I believe is what makes the British method of teaching superior to the Nigerian methods. I don’t know much about other parts of the developed world, but I believe the same thing must obtain in those countries.

However, there are constraints to schooling in the British curriculum schools in Nigeria.

The first is that  the fees are astronomical. Some schools charge up to 1.5 million in Nigerian currency. Even the middle class in Nigeria will find it difficult to pay such amount.

Another disadvantage of the British curriculum schools is that they offer only British Exams and certificates at the end of the child’s schooling.

I am of the opinion that since these children are being taught in Nigeria, the British schools ought to be compelled to also groom the students for the Nigerian exams and give them Nigerian secondary school leaving certificates in addition to the British certificates.

This enables the child to be relevant both in his or her place of origin as well as abroad.

We must remember that not every child that finishes in British curriculum secondary school will necessarily go to a foreign university. Some will complete their schooling and even get jobs in Nigeria. For such children, being armed with both British and Nigerian certificates will certainly give them an added advantage.

There are schools that do offer both curriculums, but in my opinion they are too few and far between.


Demi F.O

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