How to apply for 2022 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant.

How to apply for 2022 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant.

How to apply for 2022 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant.

You might be asking if the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur grant of $5,000 is true? or has anyone received the grant before?, etc. The answer is “YES!” The grant is true and lots of Entrepreneurs has received it and also received world-class mentorship program completely for free!

I will be working your through the registration process and the documents required for a successful application. I will also be sharing with you my experience on lasts year application process!.

But before then, sit back and read a brief overview of last years’ TEF Global application results.

Last Year, The Tony Elumelu Foundation received 406,257 applications from all 54 African countries and provided training to 206,550 – More than 50% of applicants. However, the total sum of $24.75million worth of grants was issued to 5,000 African Entrepreneurs. This is to demonstrate the mission to catalyse economic growth, drive poverty eradication and ensure job creation on the continent.

However, on January 1, 2022, Tony Elumelu Foundation opened the Programme Application for entrepreneurs to apply on their portal. The application is Open to all 54 African Countries and the selected Enrepreneurs will receive a lifetime non-refundable grant of $5,000. The selected Entrepreneurs will recieve a world-class Business managment Training, Mentorship and access to key networks and markets.

How to apply for 2022 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant.

Kindly note that the application is Completely Online, therefore you will be needing a smart phone, tablet or a PC with a good internet Connection. More Considerations are Given to Early Business starters that are not more than 5 years old.


Get the following Documents/Typed files ready for the application:

National Id card/Voter’s Card


Business profile

Vision And Mission Statement Of Business

Goal Of Business

Business Tin Number

Business Registration Number (CAC)

HEADS UP: Also Note that you will be writing a brief test/examination online that you must pass in order to be considered. Just normal IQ test on mathematics and english Language and few of current affairs, (most at times no current affairs at all just mathematics and english language).

NOTE: After Successfully passing your examination and you start waiting for the foundation to contact you PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CONSTANTLY CHECK YOUR EMAIL, AND ENSURE TO LOGIN ATLEAST ONCE IN A DAY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT DASHBOARD. If not you will be short changed immediatly.


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